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Origin Energy

Redeveloping a business critical tool for one of Australia’s leading energy providers.

User Experience Designer

Origin Energy’s’ SAVES tool is the central product that their retention team use to manage and track their potentially leaving customers. Its current iteration was now 10 years old and a range of legacy decisions and updates had led to a wealth of redundant features and slow performance which had forced staff to create a series of inefficient ‘stop-gap’ solutions in order to do their job.

My role was to work with Origin Energy’s internal SAVES (Customer retention) team to identify areas of improvement and redesign its current application in order to create a more efficient and user-friendly tool to help the team better do their jobs.

The team collating interview results into features and epicsThe team collating interview results into features and epics

Interviewing Stakeholders

The SAVES staff had a large volume of customers to contact daily and also worked in a commission based environment. This meant that we needed to create a solution that would streamline the application for the staff and managers, removing as much friction as possible so that the staff could focus on retaining as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible.

We started by interviewing staff from across all sections of the business to quickly gather insights into the current state of the application and the specific needs of each user. We interviewed multiple sales staff, managers, department heads and edge case users to gather a holistic view of the applications ecosystem and how it needed to cater to specific users needs.

We used these findings to create a product roadmap, prioritising them from critical business functions down to the quality of life improvements.

Rapid wireframe prototyping

As this project had a tight turnaround time, we opted to work full time on-site in the Origin office to enable us to quickly test and gather feedback on concepts. Because of this, we were able to wireframe prototypes and test them with real users daily. Over the course of a week, we did a presentation of prototypes with all stakeholders each day, which resulted in approved wires by the end of the week.


Visual design and user testing

From this point we were able to develop final designs that incorporated the following features:

  • Dynamically triggering callback options
  • ‘Managers view’ for team visibility
  • New filtering system
  • New ‘bucket’ concept to allow staff to better manage their client list and targets
  • New notification system which included team-wide notification control for managers
  • A quick select call results option and a live target tally system.

All of these features were, up until this point, being managed and tracked manually by the staff creating an inefficient admin burden and detracting for their main job of retaining customers.

Immediate Results

Results were able to be seen in the new application from its first day running. Staff were completing their assigned list in half the time it took them previously and most were able to finish their day 2 – 3 hours earlier than usual. In addition, improvements to the UX and workflows increased customer retention by 50%. Ultimately the new application enabled Origin to serve customers faster and to a higher standard of care enabling them to stay on top of the competitive energy sector.

Primary roles
  • User Experience Design
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Product Design
  • Client - Origin Energy
  • Agency - 24 Digital
  • Product Designer - Cameron Richards 🙋‍♂️
  • Developer - Michael Bekhet
  • Developer - Rohan Basset

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