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Caydon Property

Creating a new look and feel for one of Melbourne’s most ambitious developers.


Caydon Property Group is one of Melbourne’s better-known property developers with prominent buildings all around the city. With the recent acquisition of the historical Nylex site in Cremorne bringing a heightened interest in the company, the opportunity was ripe to redesign their main flagship site to better represent their business and scale.

Caydon has always prided their development on having a refined and design-savvy aesthetic. This could be seen in their buildings’ architecture, development-specific microsites and brand collateral. Our job was to take that same level of polish seen in their other work and bring it into their website.

A look to match their customers

Our first port of call was to bring a new look to the existing brand so that it was more in line with the aspirational values of its customers. By looking into the kinds of customers they were selling to we uncovered their target demographic were largely younger (28 – 40), digitally knowledgeable and ascetically driven. With this in mind, we created a new brand that traded the heavy dark blues of the previous site with a more modern looked that focused on being clean, refined and restrained in order to better resonate with their clients.

A Focus on Mobile

During our initial research, we found that 60% of all users were accessing the site on mobile devices. Also, 62% of users were leaving the site in under 10 seconds. In response, we needed to create a mobile experience that was fast and engaging in order to keep customers browsing the site. Swipe gestures, speed optimisations and intuitive forms were all implemented in order to create a great experience for mobile users.

Bringing the Elements Together

Through a clean design, a considered conversion pipeline and ‘surprise and delight’ details we were able to elevate Caydons site, turning it into a resource that best reflected their positioning in the market and appealed to the customers most relevant to their developments.


Primary roles
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframing
  • Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Client - Caydon Property Group
  • Agency - 24 Digital
  • Designer - Cameron Richards
  • Developer - Tom Macready-Bryan
  • Developer - Manu Gill

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